Relocating Clients- Arizona to Holly Springs, NC

My wife and I live in AZ. Our desire was to purchase a second home in the Raleigh area. The challenge was who do we work with and how can we do business when we don’t live in NC? In discussing real estate agents, it became apparent that Sharon Pierce was the logical choice. Just viewing her Facebook, LinkedIn pages and reviews, having Sharon represent us became a simple decision. In speaking with Sharon, my wife and I were confident she would represent us extremely well. Sharon discovered what we really wanted in a home and setup easy to access recommended listings. Once we found our home, (in a very fast moving market) my wife flew out to meet with Sharon. The second day my wife put a deposit on the home we purchased. Sounds easy? It wasn’t and this is why we are so grateful to Sharon! There were various buyer challenges. But with Sharon’s expertise and insight, the home is now ours and at the same price and requests we wanted. In a few years our goal is to buy another NC home. We already know Sharon will be our agent!  –Ed S., Holly Springs, NC